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Dogs, assistance dogs and dog kennels

Dogs are not allowed in the fee-paying part of the Tierpark. At the entrance to this area you will find 4 lockable kennels. The keys are available at the ticket office in the vivarium, against a deposit.

Excluded from this regulation are assistance dogs, which come as accompaniment of an impaired person.
For the training of assistance dogs there is sufficient opportunity to practice in the part of the Dählhölzli which is free of entrance.


These can be found near the restaurant and in the vivarium. The latter is in the part of the zoo with an entrance fee. There are more toilets in the green building near the Brätliplatz, which is next to the wolf enclosure.

Baby's changing table

In the toilets in the fee-paying part of the zoo.


There are 12 lockers in the fee-paying part of the zoo, on the right after the ticket desk near the toilets.


There are dispensing machines in the fee-paying part of the zoo, with confectionary and drinks. There is a restaurant next to the Aare river.

Grill area

Picnic area with tables and benches for about 50 people, not covered. Fireplace with grillage, wood available for burning.


This is available at the ticket office, with a CHF 50 deposit. It is recommended that you reserve it.


Bikes can be parked at the entrance to the fee-paying part of the zoo.