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Smartphone quiz

Have fun learning with the smartphone quiz

Thanks to our smartphone quiz, young and old who play along can learn a lot of interesting things about the Dählhölzli and its animals.

An overview of the quiz

Unlock your smartphone and play the quiz on the mobile website of the Tierpark Dählhölzli; you will discover a lot of interesting things about the Tierpark and its animals! The quiz is available in German and French.

At 22 stations in the paying part of the zoo, and at 4 stations along the banks of the Aare river and in the children's zoo of the Tierpark Dählhölzli, you will find a blue panel with an owl next to the enclosure description. This indicates that you are standing in front of one of the quiz stations.

Quiz station panel and QR code, logo of the QR reader


You will need a smartphone (iPhone/android) with internet access, which meets the following requirements:

  1. A QR reader has been installed. This enables you to read the QR code (see picture), which leads you to the relevant questions at each station. You can download a QR reader in the app store (recommended product: scan) or on the Google Play site (for example 'scan', which we also recommend).
  2. The browser of your smart phone is set up to accept cookies and run JavaScript:
    Either: iPhone: Settings > Safari > Block cookies > Allow from Websites/Visit
    Or: iPhone: Settings > Safari > Security > Allow cookies from Websites/Visit
    And either: Settings > Safari > Advanced > JavaScript (on)
    Or: Javascript = I.
    Android: Depends on device: Internet > Settings > Security.
  3. Location services must be switched on:
    iPhone: Settings > Privacy > Location Services (on)
    Android: Depends on device: Activate location.

Abridged game guide

  1. Install a QR reader on your iPhone or android smartphone and open it.
  2. To register: use the QR reader to get the QR code at the registration point.
  3. Enter the number of people playing using the same smartphone.
  4. Enter the (nick)names and the ages of the people playing.
  5. Proceed to the individual stations (preferably in the right order)and scan the codes there.


The cost of the data transfer of this game is very low, but it will form part of your signal bill. The Dählhölzli does not profit in any way from this.


Registration place in the vivarium

Before you can play, you have to register your name for the game. For this you have to scan the QR code at the registration point on the glass plate of the Squirrel Monkey enclosure.

No personal data will be needed for this.

A maximum of four people can take part in the game on a single smartphone (for example parents and two children). When you register, enter the number of people who are sharing the smartphone as well as the name and age of each person.

This enables the level of the questions to be adapted to the age of the participants (age group 1 for children up to 10, age group 2 for children over ten-years-old).

The questions

After you have registered and you scan the QR code at one of the stations, the system will pose different questions for each registered person.

The questions mostly relate to the species in the respective enclosures or their facilities. So it's essential that you answer the questions in the areas where they are put to you. Very few of the questions relate to the Dählhölzli as an institution.

The pool of questions will constantly be adapted to the current conditions in the Tierpark.

After you have answered a question, the game does not only tell you whether you are right or wrong, but also offers interesting explanations and elucidates the correct answer.

The stations

Smartphone-Quiz: Plan der Quiz-Stationen

Quiz stations in the Dählhölzli > Download as PDF to print

After registering, you can photograph the QR codes at each of the stations in any order you choose; then the system will ask you the questions, with a different one for each person.

You can see where the stations are on the above map, which you can download here.

You can win

The system logs your answers. If you have visited five or more stations in the space of a day, you can find out what you scored with your answers.

If you have visited 20 of the 26 stations and answered at least 15 questions correctly, you can leave your name and address, and we will send you a free entry ticket for the Dählhölzli.

Quiz champions list

Here we will list each person who has excelled in the smartphone quiz by correctly answering the required number of questions.

Only those who have answered at least 15 questions correctly will be listed. The entries will be deleted after 60 days.