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Zoo visit in times of COVID-19

Your health is our top priority. Please continue to follow the hygiene regulations and respect the rules on social distancing in the grounds of Bern Animal Park.

Based on the concept for zoological gardens, zoos and wildlife parks, newly applies from June 26:

  • Maximum 130 people in the Vivarium.
  • Maximum 1000 people in the Dählhölzli-Zoo.

The animal houses (such as the Vivarium, Bear House and Puffin Hall) also have a mask requirement (ages 12 and up):

Planning your visit

A maximum of 130 people are allowed in the Vivarium at the same time and 1000 people in the entire Dählhölzli Zoo. We can check the numbers with our counting system. The entrance to the vivarium is the eye of the needle. Please help to avoid long waiting times at the entrance due to large crowds by planning your visit at off-peak times.

Entry and exit

The entrance to Dählhölzli-Zoo is via the Flamingo Gate. Please observe the floor markings for guidance and maintaining distance. If possible, we would prefer payment by card. Disinfectant is available at the entrance to the vivarium. Please use it for your own safety and that of others.

Please follow the route through the zoo that is partially controlled and signposted and respect the markings for social distancing. It is only possible to leave Dählhölzli-Zoo through the revolving gate opposite the wisent stable. The revolving gate is suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs, and also allows twin pushchairs through.

In order to enable as many visitors as possible to experience the zoo, multiple entry and exit with a day ticket will not be possible until further notice.

Other Information

Please understand that some areas and enclosures will not be open because the prescribed distance rules cannot be observed. Likewise, some of the things we normally offer have been suspended for the time being.

  • The jungle aviary is closed.
  • The path between the seal and the elk enclosures is sealed off.
  • The aviary and visitors’ area at the new AareAlpen enclosure on the banks of the Aare are closed.
  • These things are not available at Bern Animal Park, Dählhölzli Zoo and the BearPark: commentated feedings, the animal meeting point ('Treffpunkt Tier'), guided tours, and private or company events or dinners.
  • Pony rides, carriage rides, Infomobile and face painting will not take place until further notice.

We ask you to support our employees in implementing the measures for everyone's safety.

Government recommended distance and hygiene rules apply to public, freely accessible areas of Bern Animal Park. These include:

  • the Dählhölzli-Aare riverbank
  • the Dählhölzli forest
  • the BearPark

The zoo is reopening as part of a <9>branch-wide policy for zoological gardens, zoos and wildlife parks.</9>

Food Service

The Eulen Bistro ist open daily from 10.30 AM till 4.30 PM.

The Restaurant Dählhölzli is open.

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