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Zoo visit in times of COVID-19

Requirement for certificate and face masks

Admission to the Dählhölzli Zoo (vivarium and outdoor section behind it) is open to persons over the age of 16 with a valid COVID certificate. The 2G rule will apply (access only for vaccinated and recovered persons).

In the animal houses (Vivarium, Puffin Hall and Bear House), masks are mandatory for persons 12 years and older.

The COVID certificate will be checked at the entrance to the Dählhölzli Zoo, we ask you to have your valid certificate and a personal ID ready.

Note for foreign guests

Only EU/EFTA certificates are valid in Switzerland. Please ensure that your certificate is one of these before your visit.

Vaccination abroad?

Have you been vaccinated abroad with a vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and would like to apply for a Swiss Covid certificate? Click here to go to the national application office.

What applies at present?

  • The offers "Ein Tag im Tierpark" and "Tatort Tier" (in German) are bookable. ATTENTION: For both offers the certificate obligation applies! The two offers are possible from 15 or 14 years. For the protection of our employees, however, we require a valid Corona test of the under 16-year-olds.
  • Annotated seal and puffin feedings will resume.
  • The jungle aviary is open again.
  • Multiple entry to the Dählhölzli Zoo is possible again (please show your certificate and ID again).
  • All one-way systems are lifted.
  • Meeting point animal are not carried out at the moment.
  • Pony rides, Infomobile and face painting will not take place until further notice.
  • The aviary and visitors’ area at the new AareAlpen enclosure on the banks of the Aare are closed.

Entry and exit

Upon entry to the Dählhölzli Zoo, your valid certificate and photo ID will be checked. Disinfectant is available in front of the entrance to the Vivarium, use it for your and our safety.

Leaving the Dählhölzli Zoo is only possible through the revolving gate opposite the Wisentstall. The revolving gate is suitable for baby carriages and wheelchairs, even twin baby carriages fit through well.

Other Information

Government recommended distance and hygiene rules apply to public, freely accessible areas of Bern Animal Park. These include:

  • the Dählhölzli-Aare riverbank
  • the Dählhölzli forest
  • the BearPark

Branch-wide policy for zoological gardens, zoos and wildlife parks (in German).

Food Service

The Eulen Bistro ist closed for the season.

The Restaurant Dählhölzli is open.

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